User-Centric Network Labex General Assembly

June 13, 2016

8:30 - 17:15

FORUM Amphitheater - SophiaTech campus

On the 13th of June 2016, the Labex UCN@Sophia organizes a General Assembly to present its research activity over the 2012-2016 period. This event targets the scientific and innovation community in User-Centric Networks.

Attendance is free but all participants should register by filling in this form

Location : SophiaTech campus - Carrefour du Golf, 930 route des Colles" (Access map).



Welcome coffee


Introduction (Johan Montagnat, Labex director) [slides]


Large-scale and high-efficiency distributed systems (Fabrice Huet, UNS and Emilien Kofman, UNS)


The data deluge imposes new constraints on the global communication infrastructure and its ability to deliver data. On one hand, data search and large data cohorts analysis increasingly rely on large-scale distributed computing infrastructures. On the other hand, power consumption limitations and new generations of limited-capacity devices led to the design of new parallel micro-architectures. This new paradigm calls for research in new, verified distributed programming models and runtime environments, coping with multi-level parallelism, heterogeneous networks, scalable computation, and hardware failures.

Slides: Overview (F. Huet) and Highlight (E. Kofman)


Intelligent content management and transport (Chadi Barkat, Inria and Elena Cabrio, UNS)


Modern network users expect the Web to deliver data efficiently and trustfully without consideration for the data location nor the nature of the network they are connected to. This user-centric vision of new network infrastructures raises many challenges related to intelligent identification of most relevant data and strategies to transport data to the users. Furthermore, these challenges have to be reconsidered in the context of mobile users connected through heterogeneous network infrastructures.

Slides: Overview (C. Barakat) and Highlight (E. Cabrio)


Security, user privacy & network control (Yves Roudier, EURECOM and Michela Chessa, UNS)


Although increasingly relying on networks and remote resources to manipulate outsourced data, users expect to remain in control of data exposition and system integrity in a distributed environment preserving privacy and treating all users equally. Security, user privacy protection and neutrality enforcement are critical to ensure a high level of trust in networks. They become increasingly critical as more content becomes digitalized and more systems depend on network connectivity.

Slides: Overview (Y. Roudier) and Highlight (M. Chessa)


Buffet lunch and posters display


Mobile network infrastructures (Luc Deneire, UNS and Akimu Dihissou, UNS)


On one hand, an increasing number of interconnected network infrastructures are needed to ensure user connectivity in all kinds of situation, while on the other hand, all networks tend to be integrated in an utility communication infrastructure. Mobile networks and devices become fully integrated in the overall infrastructure to ensure an end-to-end, high-quality of experience to network users.

Slides: Overview and Highlight (L. Deneire and A. Dihissou)


Energy efficient networks and devices (Frédéric Giroire, Inria and Leonardo Lizzi, UNS)


Energy efficiency has become a challenge both at the macroscopic scale, due to the tremendous energy consumption of data centres and large infrastructures, and the microscopic scale, due to the large number of autonomous connected devices depending on sparse energy sources. Energy efficiency in networks aims both at limiting the energy footprint of network infrastructures and at extending the autonomy of battery-dependent devices connected to the network.

Slides: Overview (F. Giroire) and Highlight (L. Lizzi)


Coffee break


Education and innovation report (Johan Montagnat, Labex director) [slides]


Demonstration of the OpenAirInterface and R2Lab Platforms (Thierry Parmentelat, Inria, Lionel Gauthier, EURECOM, Raymond Knopp, EURECOM, Walid Dabbous, Inria, and Thierry Turletti, Inria) [slides: OpenAirInterfaceR2Lab]


Conclusions (Jean-Marc Gambaudo, University Côte d'Azur president) [slides]


End of day