1st Labex PhDs day

April 24, 2015, 9-18h

SophiaTech campus - Forum building - Amphitheater


The Labex UCN@SOPHIA organizes a scientific day for presenting the Labex PhD research activities on April 24, in the SophiaTech campus (Amphitheater in Forum building). 

The objective of this day is to give an overview of the UCN@Sophia research activities, focused on telecommunication networks and their evolutions, and to make it possible for students and researchers to discuss their work and approaches in this area.

The PhD works will be presented both as oral presentation (short teasers for early works and longer oral talks for longer-term works) and as posters (allowing for more discussions, in the afternoon).

The PhDs day welcome all Labex members: PhD students, their advisors, other researchers and industrial partners.



Participation is free of charge but all contributors and attendees are required to register for logistics reason. For any question, please contact Sarah Fontaine by email (fontaine@i3s.unice.fr).



9:00 – Welcome
9:20 – Short presentations (teasers) of works started recently:

  • V. Mastandrea, "Deadlock analysis for concurrent and distributed programing"
  • A. Macina, "Distributed Query Processing over a WAN"
  • M. Ahizoune, "Software factories for security-by-design"
  • F. Lugou, "Security analysis for communicating devices"
  • A. Dihissou, "Reconfigurable and orientable antennas system for wireless sensor networks"
  • N. Huin, "Energy-Efficient software-defined networks"
  • G. Sosina-Mengistu, "Understanding and modeling mobility characteristics of scooters and motorcycles for user-centric ITS apps"

10:00 – Long presentations:

  • A. Kadavankandy, "Random matrix analysis for distributed algorithms and complex networks"
  • L. Vigneri, "Vehicles as a mobile cloud"
  • H. Mykhailenko, "Probabilistic approach for Big Data Analysis"
  • E. Kofman, "High-level design of mobile and communicating devices

12:00 – Lunch break
13:30 – Long presentations:

  • R. Ravaioli, "Active and passive inference of network neutrality"
  • X. Jiang, "Exploiting channel reciprocity in massive MIMO"
  • A. Benegiamo, "Mathematical tools for smart-grids"

15:00 – Posters and discussions
17:30 – Conclusions, price for best pedagogical poster and presentation
18:00 – End of day