Journée thématique / Thematic Day

"Security and Privacy"

18 décembre 2013




  • Federico Alegre (EURECOM) “A new speaker verification spoofing countermeasure based on local binary patterns”
  • Ludovic Apvrille (LTCI‐Telecom ParisTech) “Security Requirements Engineering”
  • Davide Canalli (EURECOM) “Behind the Scenes of Online Attacks: an Analysis of Exploitation Behaviors on the Web”
  • Christian Delettre (I3S) “Design of a user‐oriented, scalable, secure and open plateform for e‐commerce”
  • Nicholas Evans (EURECOM) “Spoofing and countermeasures for automatic speaker verification”
  • Mariano Graziano (EURECOM) “Towards network containment in malware analysis systems”
  • Andrea Melle (EURECOM) “Contextualized Privacy Filters in Video Surveillance Using Crowd Density Maps”
  • Amélie Gyrard (EURECOM‐I3S) « STAC: An application to secure the Semantic Web of Things »
  • Clémentine Maurice (EURECOM‐Technicolor Rennes) “Information Leakage in Virtualized GPUs”
  • Yves Roudier (EURECOM) « Automotive security »